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Speech therapist Anna Mamica

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DSC02098 2In 1998 I graduated from special pedagogy (oligophrenopedagogy) at the Pedagogical University in Cracow
In 2002 SLT (at the same university)
In 2013, SLP at the University of Rzeszów

For three years I worked in a kindergarten with integration departments.

Currently (since 2003) I work in the Special School Complex No. 11 in Krakow and lead private practice. In my work I gained experience from the Early Support Team, by kindergarten departments, after therapy for teenagers.

I am a sensory integration therapist. I try to learn and improve all the time; broaden horizons to better understand the patient.

Here are some of my trainings from recent years:

2013 - licensed course for Sensory Integration Therapist (PSTIS)
2014 - Early Speech Intervention course in premature babies and newborns (Elżbieta Stecko SWPS)
2015 - Johannes Individual Auditory Training Course (IAS)


2016 course at the University of Boston (scholarship Stuttering Foundation of America) with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for stuttering and cussiness and PCI-Palin Therapy provided by Michael Palin Center of London For Stammering Children
2016 - Mini-KIDS workshops led by Peter Schneider (Logopedics Center in Katowice)
2017 - Communication Video Training Method - VIT (Malta Center in Krakow)

2019-2020 - during specialization studies in speech fluency disorders (ECSF European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders) at Thomas More University in Antwerp